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Moving Claws Mail from CVS to Git
After a long week which started past Friday it's done and official: the Claws Mail project has moved from using the ancient CVS to Git.

Most of the unavoidable problems which happen when such transitions are made are solved now, so we can probably concentrate ourselves on some bug killing before making a new shiny release.

I've still had no time to migrate the Debian packages autobuilder from using old CVS to the new Git, so if you're using it, be patient, will be working again soon ;-).

Finally! :)

The old CVS wasn't easy to import in Mercurial because of strange repository structure. I hope now it'd be much easier to contribute for both upstream developers and occasional patch proposers ;)

Hmm, I've added a comment with a link to a patch, but LJ has automatically marked it as spam :(

Probably because you pasted the URL without any text around :-)

Seen the patch, but AFAIK that's bash-only, and doesn't work as the existing code.

No, it's not bash-only, it's quite POSIX. Also, I've tested it, and it worked the same way. What do you mean it doesn't work as the existing code?

Edited at 2013-03-22 02:02 pm (UTC)

Ah, sorry, got a typo in there while copying the patch around:

Yeah, this works much better, committed. Thank you!

And one more comment of mine is masked as spam. Please unmark it.

+ git describe --abbrev=6 --dirty --always
+ GIT_VERSION=3.9.0-155-g79c5de-dirty
+ MINOR_VERSION=9.0-155-g79c5de-dirty
+ MICRO_VERSION=0-155-g79c5de-dirty
+ EXTRA_VERSION=155-g79c5de-dirty

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