Ricardo Mones (mones) wrote,
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2279 hours

Seems it was yesterday, but 3 months have passed since last post! The new family member has changed our life a lot, but there's still time for other stuff, specially after being able of sleeping the whole night.

Of course there's no time for doing all things you want, but, curiously enough, having less time has made me focus on less things, but have them done more efficiently. Or so I think ;-)

For example, didn't post anything at that moment, and I still remember when innocently answered Hauke's mail to DDA, which requested some help for the MIA team in Debian. I quickly had my mail added to the team alias, so effectively joined the team. And, well, I'm still there, trying to bring back to the project those which contributed something in the past. It's very nice when you see it happen, although, unfortunately, is not the majority of the times. It's even nicer I had not became MIA in the meantime!
Tags: debian, life
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